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Ofri David, SEO Expert

My Name Is Ofri David, Internationl SEO Expert And Digital Marketing Mentor. 

Bespoke SEO Plans

My name is Ofri David, internationl SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Mentor

I am an internet entrepreneur with mulitple income-generating properties, with over 6 years of experience working with huge companies. Coaching.

As part of my work, I offer consulting and SEO coaching services to business owners, start-ups and companies who need the objective eye of an expert in the field of SEO Coaching.

my goal in our process:

see 5 steps into the future and plan for success in the following years

Stay on top in rankings

Secore 1st Postions and turn your site into a well-oiled conversion machine

SEO Coach who can help you grow online.

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what Every Startup, site owner or company wants:

first page ranking in Google

Maximum exposure and strong brand awareness

profitable return on investment and stable growth

Top Tier SEO Coaching - Reducing Costs, Correcting Errors and Increasing your Sales 🤑


If I am already with you in the planning stages of creating the SEO game plan, rest assured that you will receive a set of skills and tools that will allow you to grow online and make money from your site. I will help you refine the important questions that need to be asked at first and assist you with building a proper and long-term SEO strategy.


We will create SEO moves that are tailored to your core target audience and the watching eye of Mr. Google, combined with thorough market research and creative content solutions that will provide you with the ideal traffic channels you need. both in terms of refining your messages and budget planning.


realizing conclusions and defining clear goals are a components of success in SEO. together, we will analyze the success or decline of your marketing performance and define effective and planned ways of action to the smallest details

The end game is to help you increase traffic and improve performance, in the image, client's results - January 2020'

Companies iv'e worked with

Customized SEO coaching packages

choose the route for you

1-Time Coacing Session

One-time coaching Meeting with me VIA Skype or WhereBy

349.99$ per 90Min

Weekly / monthly Cocaching Sessions

Weekly / Monthly Coaching VIA Skype or WhereBy and Mail Support

From 1,999$ Per Week

Custom Game Plan for SEO

Helping you See the Bigger Picture and plan for success

Custom offers

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The road to success in SEO

Great resulrts in search engines emerges from accurate planning, fulfilling precise campaigns and constantly optimizing for relevancy and High-End User Experience.

Beyond the technical knowledge and creativity I bring with me, I just love helping the people around me to succeed. I specialize in developing SEO strategies designed to increase traffic and conversions. I can provide technical solutions like no other, SEO researches and yearly work plans for constant organic growth.

My SEO Coaching Services - Simple solutions to complex problems

End-to-end solutions in the digital world - from research and strategy to sophisticated campaigns and data analysis.

Research and Strategy Solutions

Keyword research and competitors analysis

we will create a masterful keywords reaserch and Spying-Level Tracking solutions on Your Competitors.

rich content strategies

my team and i wil research and create a tailor-made content plan for you to focus on during your activity. from budget to specific topics.

site structure and hierarchy

Accurate characterization and handling of the website hierarchy, setting up a proper and convenient structure for Google to crawl.

Technical SEO Solutions

Plugins setups and external Solutions

Handling problematic plugins or extensions in the site environment and proper settings.

Google Penalty Solutions

Google's penalty release, a technical and complex process that sometmes very much needed. 

Schema Mark-Up for Websites

An valuble yet technical action designed to present a site as authoritative and reliable in search results

Optimization and Data Analysis

Full Optimization Reports

Full analysis of the business SEO or sponsored activity. from audience targeting to content marketing and ongoing performance

Link Building Strategies

we'll Create an amazing link strategy for you. designed to strengthen your domain autohrity and attract strong links your way

Site Speed ​​Analysis and Imporvements

A detailed report that shows you what is slowing down your site – and of course, improving your site with a few simple steps.

More Cool Stuff I Offer 🙂

Workshops for SEO teams or companies

I provide professional workshops and condensed meetups on marketing and SEO topics for teams and companies in various fields

Reputation management and PR campaigns globally

I have access to international websites and important magazines, I'll set up an exposure campaign or PR spins for you or your brand

content in foreign languages worldwide

I run a team of  20 foreign writers and developers, I can create amazing content for you in any language. and bring you traffic globally. 

i care about your Bottom line

I deliver the goods when it comes to knowledge and results in SEO. I have a lot of experience with huge projects and I believe in my ability to give you maximum value.

My SEO Coaching Services

The results speak for themselves

Flowers Delivery Niche

An international client from a competitive Retail industry at the international markets – A meticulous GamePlan was built for him which basically required proper research, matching purchase-oriented content to the site and more behind-the-scenes technical work, the site experienced a significant traffic increase and 150% increase in sales within 8 months .

Trading Reviews Niche​

Increase of global traffic from different countries to a client from the financial trading niche. after a rough google algorhytm update weve managed to triple traffic and conversions in less than 4 months.

Cryptocurrency Niche

Massive improvements in ranking in the crypto industry. after creating over 55 lengthy researched articles relevant to important keywords we have managed to secure 1st place positions and increase profits significantlly

Finance Magazines Niche

On this particular project, We Managed to Elevate Many posts to top of the results creating extremely informative content. There are pages on the website which are worth 100K+ in value of ad revenue and potential traffic gains. the magazine is ranked very high for keywords such as: Best Penny Stocks, investment firms, tsla and more

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