Publisuites – Content Marketing Platform Honest Review 2021

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Ever since i started using publisuites platform for buying sponsored posts my job became a lot easier. Here's Why!

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Publisuites Review 2020

Publisuites is a Spanish content platform or SEO marketplace if you want, that allows users to get the best Sponsre Posts and Media buying options on relevant websites and magazines related to their business. 

If your business is active in countries like Spain, Latin Amercia, Italy, France, Aregntina and many more, then you can use this great platfrom to improve your SEO and gain more traffic easily.

Check Out the Full Review!

As an SEO Expert i try to offer as many great services for my clients like SEO Coaching, Professional Media Buying and Quality SEO Backlinks.

One of the most popular requests i get is to help businesses acquire quality backlinks and high-quality Sponsored posts in different countries. 

Ever since i started using publisuites platform for buying sponsored posts my job became a lot easier. the wide selection of sites, great prices, easy to use interface, and helpful staff have allowed me to dramatically develop my online business.

Publisuites - How It Works?

Publisuites basically offers Everything you need for your digital marketing and SEO strategy on a single platform;


  • Buy High-Quality Spanish content.

  • Publish sponsored posts in blogs, press, news sites, and high traffic magazines.

  • Get mentions of influencers on social media and collaborate. 

  • Manage all of your Backlinks and media buying in 1 Easy-To-Use Dashboard.

Sign up with Publisuites right now and start getting awesome deals on sponsored posts and media from all over the world!

Advantages of Publisuites for advertisers and SEO campaigns

Advantages of Publisuites for Publishers / site owners

Signing up with publisuites

publisuites - sign up

At first, on the homepage when entering the platform for the first time and signing up with publisuites you will have the 2 options: 


Signing up as an Advertiser or Pulibsher

sign Up as an advertiser and get access to over +4000 sites you can choose from and buy sponsored posts and content

Sign Up as a publisher and register your website to start earning money and getting orders for sponsored posts from advertisers and SEO people

  • When signing up as advertiser make sure you insert all of your business info (Adress, TAX ID, name of your business) correctly so that publisuites can send you the correct invoices with your info when you add credit to the platform (ill show you later on how to add money to your account)


  •  When signing up as a publisher you’ll have to confirm the ownership of your website with an HTML tag you will need to insert on your website, after the system approves ownership and the validity of your website it will appear on searches for advertisers. Your user dashboard as a publisher will notify you of any new orders you received and the amount of money earned from selling sponsored posts.

Searching For Websites On Publisuites

On the advertiser’s dashboard under → Websites & Blogs 

you have great options from filtering the websites you are looking for out of over 4000+ available sites.

publisuites - websites & blogs

Using this easy interface you can narrow down sites based on different parameters:

publisuites - flitering options

An example for search can be:

  • Sites in Spanish
  • Max price 70Euro
  • Category – news
  • Accept 2 links of Do-Follow
  • Domains with DR over 25
  • Traffic over 5K per month
publisuites - search example

The final result would be 27 relevant websites for my specific request!

Purchasing Posts and Adding Credit On Publisuites

once you’ve decided on your chosen website you can directly add it to cart and complete your purchases, just make sure you add your funds before completing the order

to add money please click to the green” add credit” button on top and it will direct you the correct screen.

publisuites - add credit

You can add money to publisuites  in 3 ways:

publisuites - add credit 2

Managed Services and Premium Rates

Using Publisuites Managed Services is another great feature you can use on this platform. 

Through this tab on the menu you will have acces to the following services:

publisuites - managed services

In this example you can notice how i easily arrange and control all of my projects on Publisuites Content Platform.

publisuites - managed services 2

Connecting With Social Influencers On Publisuites


up until now, we’ve discussed the main options for selecting and buying sponsored posts on publisuites. another great feature this trusted platform offers is getting mentions and shoutouts on high-quality social media account on Instagram specifically and twitter


on the main menu screen under→ Instagram or twitter, you will have the option to search and select between a lot of influencers. 

publisuites - influencers 1


Like in the websites & blogs screen you can also narrow down influencers by price, type of account and topics they cover, number of followers and more variations


Make sure to also check what exactly you are getting from each influencer and which one will be perfect for your business and can be the best collaboration you can find.  you can access you Influencer's profile page on Publusuites and check out his latest posts, amount of engagement and main topics he posts about. 


Pros, Cons of Publisuites

Publisuites - Final Rating

I've been using Publisuites for over 1 year to handle and purchase Sponsred Posts and im super pleased so far all the great features i mentioned in this review makes my user experience and value for money worth it all the way. 

so far, i have spent over 20K Euro on Sponsored posts and Media Buying using Publisuites and my final conclusion is – WORTH IT!

publisuites - wallet

When it comes to finding the best websites for sponsored posts, publisuites is definitely the most trusted, affordable, and easy to use platform i ever used.

Their high selection of sites combined with great prices and helpful staff makes the experience and the whole process much more effective for me. 

The bottom line – i completely have faith in this platform for any media buyer, advertiser or SEO expert who want to get the maximum when it comes to improving Google rankings and traffic with backlinks and high quality sponsored posts

Dont forget! if you have a functioning website that’s getting some monthly traffic you can also sign up as a publisher and make extra income with publisuites as well!

Sign up with Publisuites right now and start getting awesome deals on sponsored posts and media from all over the world!

Table of Contents

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