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Amount of Sessions:

14 Live Sessions

Hours Per Session:

2 Hours

Number Of Participants:

Up To 15 students per class

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Sept' 2021

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18:00 20:00

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The Most Advanced Online SEO Course



The Benefits of organiX

Learn SEO, LIVE from Home.

OrganiX2020 is an online SEO course that lets you learn amazing skills from the comfort of your home, effortlessly. easy hours suitable for you, precise and concise live sessions, no traffic jams, no unnecessary waste of money on traveling, food exapnses or everything else. The course is conducted with Whereby, a dedicated software program built for online studies used by the world's largest companies.


The course is conducted with Whereby system, a dedicated software built for live online studies used by the world's largest companies.

Learn SEO - Practical SEO skills for any marketing person or business owner

High-level SEO skills are a unique and important virtue for any successful marketing person. An in-depth understanding of the moving parts of Google's site ranking process - from the research stage to proper website design, converting content creation and more, can produce amazing results, amazing financial gains and save us money and valuable time in the long run. During my Live course, I will take you from a beginner level to an expert level in the SEO worlds, with execution capabilities that will allow you to rank any site successfully. I will reveal to you all the methods, tools, and SEO tactics through which I promote sites in the most competitive niches in the world and generate huge profits for me and my clientele.

Within 14 LIVE sessions with me, you will become SEO professionals - a new world of profitable opportunities and invaluable SEO skills.

September 2021 Courses

Class #14 of OrganiX is strating soon!

EST Course Opens: 03.09.21

PST Course Opens: 05.09.21

course syllabus

Each long journey begins with one tiny step and I will be there from the first step to the top. The course is structured methodically and clearly. From lesson to lesson, you will understand more significantly this game called SEO. All classes are recorded and during our time togather you will  receive loads of reference materials and work practices that will be used by you after the course ends. 

In our first lesson, we will begin with understanding the basic concepts of the SEO world and formulate a basic knowledge of what makes things move in the right direction. We will talk about different types of sites and how to manage them properly and what are the most convenient options for purchasing hosting space and building a simple site. At the end of this lesson you will receive a reference document that will summarize our first lesson, and of course a full recording of the lesson.

We'll understand how Google's ranking mechanism works, how the search engine prioritizes certain sites over others, and what are the key elements for high rankings success. In this lesson, we will introduce the most important and new tools that will be used in our work during and after the course. The lesson will be filled with fascinating examples of sites that managed to crack Google. In this lesson, we will lay the foundations for our future work togather.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most efficient, affordable and successful platform for building a site and ranking it on Google. in this lesson we will practice the site creation process in WordPress, we will deepen our capabilities and operation of this system. Additional class presentations will accompany this class. Each student will receive storage and a site to practice on during the course.

The domain, or its more obvious title – the website name, is a key part of ranking a site, both in terms of branding and Google's algorithm. We will understand what role the site name plays in the ranking process, delve deep into this subject and we will introduce super advanced methods for selecting and purchasing powerful domains and different uses that we can do with proper domains for business leverage online.

Quality traffic is the oxygen of every site and a significant ranking factor, in this special workshop we will talk about and practice the most effective methods to make a regular and boring site one's that closes deals, and generates new traffic channels nonstop. We will talk about quality content, what causes the user to purchase or stay on our site, which traffic channel is most effective for us, understand the user process, leveraging Google traffic channels and beyond.

Keywords – short, broad, informative, purchase-oriented and everything you ever wanted to know about one of the most important aspects in SEO. In this lesson, we will learn  how to do keyword research for any site in the highest quality there is just like the largest companies in the world. We will deepen our capabilities with competitors research that will allow you to get a much broader and smarter picture of your business niche, and like in chess – see 5 steps ahead. Keywords, content and competitors – all integrate into a single, strong plan of action – the foundations we established will now translate into a dynamic and effective gameplan.

a Lesson fully focused on winning Content – I will expose you to the hottest and most convertible content types in the SEO world. We will analyze successful websites, content types that work and those that do not, we will understand what makes content into quality, easy to crawl and marketable all together. We will reach a level of expertise in research, design, creation and distribution of amazing and intresting content.

Part of our ongoing work as SEO experts is maintenance and technical care for our site, just like building a house, we must establish strong and stable foundations. In the lesson, we will work on a checklist that  I use on my biggest clients and talk about the technical aspects of site management and maintenance – headlines, page descriptions, site speed, minimize images and other important but easy tasks that we need to master. The methods learned in this lesson will give you an understanding of what a good site is, how to make a site one, and how to tackle any challenge on the site that is more problematic. Of course every student receives this full checklist by email – copy and save! 

One of the most enjoyable and important workshops during the course. Link building – a crucial factor in SEO, but one that intimidates many people and site owners – We will talk about the world of links and how important they really are to the success of any site, we will meet tools that will give you a competitive edge over any other site, we will understand this concept called “link building” And how Google feels about it. We will analyze websites, identify opportunities in the field and as guaranteed in each lesson, I will reveal to you all the little tricks that helps me hunt and secure amazing links for my important sites and my clients. 

Link Building Lesson pt.2  – Because this topic is central and important in the ranking process, we will devote more time to refining understanding, and the practical practice of creating useful and healthy links to the site. I will reveal to you the most reliable link purchase costs, the required amounts, the planning of link campaigns – all the practices that no one dares talk about will be exposed in this lesson!

Ever heard of a concept called “website architecture”? How should we organize our site? Where should the important pages be located? Where will we place the blog or our content pages? In this lesson we will practice hierarchical and proper planning of a successful site. With the help of advanced tools we can master the best methods in designing a website's structure in-depth.

During the course, we will meet loads of tools, which will of course be arranged in checklists and reference pages that you will receive directly by email, but in this lesson we will focus on 2 main tools that will help us to be in total control and continually monitor our success in keyword ranking by country, time and region, monitoring site data up to the smallet user actions. i will show you the most important and easy to understand types of website optimization reports.

A lesson that is all about robots – there are lots of cool tools and automation processes that can save us a lot of time on hard and Sisyphean work in our site. In this lesson you will receive the best tips on the subject, and information that is worth gold in the field of automation.

” The Purpose sanctifies the means” – There are controversial SEO methods and tactics that no one talks about except SEO professionals who keep the Blackhat secrets close to their hearts. In this special lesson, we will dive into the worlds of blackhat SEO and discover techniques that will take you to the major league. We will learn that if you do things carefully and responsibly you can leverage different  ways to push a site up in the search results.

Sometimes Google can penalize a site when it detects malicious activity in it, we will understand what it actually means. The result will usually be a massive decrease in rankings or in other cases a complete removal of the site from the Google search results. In this lesson we will learn how to deal with such situations and even how to reverse some of them, if and when they occur.

A lesson about mkaing money, tips on monetization, business models, an in-depth conversation on how to make money from SEO and Internet marketing in general. Beyond professional information and great practice throughout the course, it's super important for me to that you'll come out of this course with proper tools to help you make a lot of money from SEO. I will reveal to you some of my business models and my clients, with their approval of course. A checklist and detailed reference page will be distributed at the end of this lesson. 

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Tools & systems we'll master

Getting to know and master the most important tools every SEO Expert uses. 

10 Reasons to Join OrganiX

If you've come so far on my landing page and  haven't convinced yourself, I've listed 10  reasons and insights to help you make the right decision and join me on the most advanced SEO course in the world right now!

Who is it for?

My course appeals to several types of people, but what is the common ground shared by all of my students? A basic sense of orientation in a computer and browser environment, a stable Internet connection, and a healthy curiosity for learning new skills. the most important parameter for me is – hunger for success and personal growth. 

I want a new career

If your'e a person with a focused and curious mind for learning and personal development who is interested in a new revenue stream. if you want to Get into the SEO world with the latest tools and practices - this live course is for you

I have a site that I want to rank on Google

Business owners and service providers from every field, E-Commerce store owners - who want to acquire professional advertising and SEO tools, who wants to understand the world of the internet in depth, and take their business right to the future.

marketing / SEO person who wants to level-up

The course is also aimed at people from the digital marketing or SEO industry who want to deepen their professional knowledge and to aquire advanced and innovative SEO skills. You can apply these practices for your clients in the various agencies.

entree requirements

My goal is to teach you SEO at the highest level right now among various SEO courses that already exist. beyond the professional knowledge i also want to maximize your financial investment and of course, your preciuos time. In order to create not only high-quality and informative SEO course, but strong learning teams of students with a focus on learning and success, there are some very simple prerequisites. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. 

A working laptop, quiet environment and a stable internet connection

Our course is conducted in a very personalized format. Every student is required to have a working laptop for work and a fast internet connection. There is no need to install heavy softwares during the course. our virtual classroom is online as well as most of the tools well learn. it's reccommended to get - a decent webcam so I can see you properly. Most laptops has built-in cameras nowadays and new webcam costs aroud 20$.

Basic computer skills and browsing capabillities

You need to have the Ability to operate a computer and Chrome browser very basically. If you surf the web regularly, and are naturally intrigued by the use of technology, you are good to go!

A brief introduction Chat with me

It is very important for me to get to know each student who will be enrolled in the course. I see it as a big part of your success as students and mine as your teacher. I want to understand your goals for the future, where you were, what you did. I want to the course to be fun and knowledgeable. I only take cool people with true potential for success in my SEO course. Admission to the course is conditional on a short conversation with me before payments and getting all the info.

Ofri David, An Internet Entreprenuer, digital marketing and sEO expert.

ofri david - web david

Companies i've worked with

In recent years, I have worked with industry and commerce giants on complex projects with great success.

course Recommendations

In the last 4 years, I have taught over 500 students in various educational programs such as leading colleges, universities and private courses on SEO, media management and digital marketing. most of them currently working in the industry.
"This course is the bomb! I started with no background at all in SEO and now I work as a freelancer in the field with several clients."
Menny Rancon
Reecently Opened an SEO Company
"Ofri is a great lecturer, he has really helped us as a company to expand the Traffic channels to the site and discover smart ways to grow our ventures and to connect us with other professionals in the field. I highly recommend the course!"
Dave Neuman
Real Estate Entreprenuer
"I studied with Ofri as part of internet marketing studies at my College. Ofri is by far one of the most attentive, caring and knowledgeable lecturers we had during the course."
Dan Mahoon
Succesful Insurance CEO
"I have known Ofri for a number of years - the course is insanely high quality and advanced, Ofri is undoubtedly one of the strongest lecturers for SEO, highly recommended."
Eddie Laventman
Former Google Executive
"He's A professional - the projects he runs are amazing and also his ability to convey information clearly and concisely. I have often received advice from him that has helped me greatly - a great lecturer and SEO Expert"
Wolf Mindley
Software Engineer - IBM
"Ofri and I have been working together close to a year on projects that are insanely competitive in niches with the strongest SEO'S in the world - he is always up to any challenge."
Perry Stones
Leading SEO Manager

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