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SEO & Beyond

the minute i started doing SEO i knew this is a job i can succeed in. A world which combines technical skills and planning ahead with a creative mind. i would like to share my skills & experience with you

Digital Lover

The Digital world is rapidly evolving i believe companies should always be in the look out for new tools to leverage their business to the next level

A Little bit about me

 Ofri David is my name, 28 years old. I am an internet entrepreneur, an SEO and Marketing expert

who do i work for?

I represnt leading companies in various industries and manage advanced SEO operations with budgets of $100K – $200k a month

my top industries

Among my clients: criminal law firms, leading financial companies, global flowers delivery brands, major clients from the steel and energy industry and more …

my other projects

I own several revenue-generating web properties like content blogs and various affiliate sites that I run for additional income.

mentoring & coaching

Mentoring and Coaching is a big part of my life and especially helping beginners in the field of digital marketing. For the past 4 years, I led marketing majors at the biggest universities in Israel and Europe.

innovation is key

Always in pursuit after the next digital trends.

Top Ranking. Massive Traffic.

i Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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